Jane In Space – In Which We Discover That The Captain Used To Be A Bad Boy



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 2 – In Which We Discover That The Captain Used To Be A Bad Boy

Jane In Space (3)

It is also generally fairly safe to reckon, that an inter-satellite space captain in possession of a cargo of time-travelling aristocrats and geniuses in cryostasis, is probably wanting to get shut of it as quick as possible.

Not that Captain Jon Honorbright had gone rogue, shipping illicit human cargo from star to star across the universe.  No, the cryptopods were legitimate enough – or, at least, authorised and legal by the standards of his interplanetary transit employer, Starza, Inc., and the federated galactic community they answered to.

It just wasn’t what the Captain was used to.  Or, at least, not what he’d grown accustomed to these past few years, since he’d settled down into the life of a commercial space pilot.  ‘No more a-roving, so late into the night’*, not for Captain Jon Honorbright – no battles and bloodshed and desperate last stands, nothing reminding him of life as a commissioned officer in the Federation Fleet.

(Nothing even vaguely reminiscent of his delinquent youth, either – the petty thieving, dealing, and general villainy that he’d survived on as a scrawny space-orphan.  Before a stern magistrate, in the court of a small provincial moon at the edge of the Federation, had suggested that Jon might want to consider enlisting as an ensign in one of the Federation’s galactic battalions, to fight in one of any number of skirmishes still ongoing at the frayed edges of space and time.

* Quote from George Gordon, Lord Byron and his poem ‘So We’ll Go No More A-Roving’. 


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