Jane In Space – A Rude Awakening For Miss Austen

Jane In Space (3)



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 10 – A Rude Awakening For Miss Austen

They called out, and she could see them, but not hear a word.  Nothing but the damnable buzz that hummed away all around her, as if somewhere lingered the winged denizen of an apiarist’s hive.

And Miss Austen might have begun to beat her own fists against the glass — might have run quite mad, lost her wits in total — had she had but time.  But the new arrivals, in this darkened hall of glass cocoons, were upon them.  Moving from coffin to  coffin, until one of them stopped on the other side of the glass from Miss Austen’s.

Whose breath was short, with her heart palpitating fit to bust.  And the strange manikin before her — clad all in a strange dull cloth-of-silver, with hair pulled tight at the top of the head — jiggled away at something on the other side of this prison.  A door opened up, lifted up above her — and she was free.

Free, which might be all very well.  But, she, a lady of gentle birth and great modesty, was also naked as Venus upon the conch, her bosom exposed to the fresh breeze.  And all the rest of her maidenly form, for that matter.

“There you are, dear!  We’ll get you all covered up, a quick glucose shot and a med exam, it’ll be just like you woke up in your own bed — well, not just like you woke up in your own bed — well, not very much like.  But we’ll make you feel right at home!”


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