Jane In Space – In which Miss Austen disburses a piece of her mind

Jane In Space (3)



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 11 – In which Miss Austen disburses a piece of her mind

It was one of the oddly clad horde descending upon Jane’s own self, and her fellow inmates.

A girl, too, she realised, as this strange creature pulled off her silver cap, and pushed the back of her hand against her gently perspiring brow.  Perhaps Miss Austen ought to have been too grateful for the blanket hurriedly wrapped about her nakedness, to object to the sudden sting of a needle in her arm with more than a little maidenly squeal.

But she had been sick, sick like unto death, for weeks now, for months.  She had woken up, not in her own bed, but in a strange prison, with anxiously smiling gaolers, and without a stitch of clothing upon her.  And she felt herself not much to blame — as far as she thought of it at all — in falling into convulsions, into the greatest foot-stamping tizzy she had ever known.  In shrieking about ‘In God’s name, hussy, where am I? ‘  And ‘You have no right, no right at all!‘ and ‘My father is in holy orders, my uncle is a peer of the realm, and I swear before God that you will be sorry for kidnapping a lady of the British Isles with an uncle in His Majesty’s naval service!

In truth, Lydia Bennett would have been proud.


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