Jane In Space – Flirting In Space, For Beginners

Jane In Space (3)



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 16 – Flirting In Space, For Beginners

“Not here, subaltern,” he said briefly.  It was surely sufficiently stern, to cow even Junior Officer Starr.

And she did, it was true, pause for one second, let her lids fall in a perfect picture of reproved modesty.  Then she discreetly reached a hand out, and patted his ass, in his close-fitting space-captain’s uniform, as they walked along.  He jumped a little, and she giggled.  The girl was damnable.  Damnably pretty, this morning, too.

She winked at him, and their gazes flickered back and forth a minute, really a regrettable lapse in control.  He did look back quickly, at the curving length of the thoroughfare behind them.  “Don’t worry,” Laura said, low.  “There’s no-one, as if…”  As if she would be so careless, she meant, but that was precious little comfort to the captain.

And the captain coughed, and wrestled back some measure of self-control.  (Laura had been on leave, for two days, with a family legal issue to wind up.  It had been strange.  There had been Wiggins, of course — Laura’s friend, and one of the Captain’s crew, and his friend, also, after a fashion…  But it was still strange.  For both of them.)

Jon Honorbright cleared his throat, and got down to business.  The pearly dim light of the fungal biolume lighting in the corridors cast an eerie light on their faces — on her delicate, mischievous face — as he said, “So, this is the last batch of cargo I have to sign off on?  I mean, the last batch of our guests,” he corrected himself.


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