Jane In Space – The Captain Meets And Greets Fossils From Another Age

Jane In Space (3)



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 17 –The Captain Meets And Greets Fossils From Another Age

Almost  a week, was too long to still be making that kind of undiplomatic error.  They were people, now — people he’d met, shook hands with, chatted to as far as the demands of his regular duties allowed.  Not so many bags of frozen peas.  Not barring this last batch, at least.  “What are they like?  Any names I’d recognize?” he asked.

Jon didn’t hold out high hopes.  So far the paperwork, glad-handing and filing away had been processed for four-fifths of the hundred and twenty or so souls-on-ice he’d been landed with.  And out of those ninety-five, ninety-six, he’d barely heard of a tenth of them.

Fair play to the Shellcrust Research Institute, maybe their idea of the divine spark was turgidly earnest nineteenth century Terra baroque composers, and painters who globbed daubed unrecognisable walrus heads onto cuboid blobs of Perspex.  (And that was even the ones he’d heard of.)

But the captain felt, rather earnestly, that if he himself had had the pick of the finest flower of old Terra’s creative talents, then he might have come up with a… different selection.  Therefore he had no high hopes.  God knew what they were going to do to soothe the savage breasts of disgruntled engineers and manual labourers, doing dirty, dangerous jobs in order to supply half the galaxy with the basic necessities of civilised life.


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