Jane In Space – In Which None Of The Crew Are Readers, Much

Jane In Space (3)



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 23 – In Which None Of The Crew Are Readers, Much

There hadn’t, he was forced to admit, been a strongly cultural element to their liaison, these past six months.  It had been much more a matter of the physical, of being teased and coaxed into one — well, one regrettable incident, after another.  And then, after each one, of resolving once more that this time had been the last time.  At least… until the next.)

“Or, well, perhaps,” he conceded, under that sceptical regency eye.  A woman of the Enlightenment, of reason and truth and logic, of course.  Even if it wasn’t the first thing one associated with her name.  “The lustre might have dimmed a bit, amongst the general populace.  Old Terra is one thing, but now men are spread amongst the stars, fame gets diluted easily.  But I can’t believe some members of my crew hadn’t heard of your literary legacy.”  He pressed on.  “Surely some of them…” he added hopefully.

But Miss Austen’s shake of the head was decisive.  Gentle, but firm.  “I fear not, Captain… Honorbright, is it not?” she said.  “You are the only mortal soul, thus far — the only creature, in this entire vast and unknowable universe, who remembers who I once was, and the creations I was mother to.”


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