whales and fat girls 6

she’s wearing a cardigan, and that’s all that she’s wearing.  Lee gives a deep sigh.  But that is at least a token of acknowledgement, to the pleas and the persuasions of the ward staff, over the last week.

So he backs a little way out of the room, and holds the door almost shut, so that he can shout through it while affording her a reasonable level of privacy.

Not that Karen is currently giving a fuck about privacy, clearly.  But it’s in the handbook, and he follows the guidelines, because he’s ambitious, and he’s headed for promotion to  chargenurse and hospital supervisor someday.

“Karen!  Karen love!” he shouts – based on recent experience.  He doesn’t usually raise his voice to patients: but Karen won’t pay a cent’s worth of attention to anyone who isn’t yelling at her.  “You just go and cover yourself up a bit, okay?  And then I’ll come in and we’ll have a nice chat.  Okay?”


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